Apr 25, 2015

April News

Recent and upcoming talks and publications:

I gave readings/talks in April at Independent Curators International Curatorial Hub for Géraldine Gourbe's In the Canyon, Revise the Canon and at the New School for Shifter Magazine's "Dictionary of the Possible." I'll be giving an artist's talk May 6 at CUNY Graduate Center at 6pm for the launch of the Feminist Press journal Women's Studies Quarterly's new issue, Child, which I contributed to. 

I'm also a contributor to the current issue of Art Papers (http://www.artpapers.org/feature_articles/2015_0304-lifealtars.html), which includes my work in Iyawo Kristin Naca's "Life Altars" and Risa Puleo's "New Spaces of Queer Separatism."